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139 Vitosha Blvd
Entrance A
1463 Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Management
+359 2 815 40 86

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Property Group www.myhome.bg

Monday- Friday
9.00am - 6.00pm
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You decide what you can afford. mybuilding.bg clients determine the level and package of services that best serve the needs of their community.  We can provide you with as little or as much help as you want, from a full annual management and maintenance service to optional services, purchased only when you need them.

With a keen eye on details and a proactive approach to building management, our specialised team of professionals is working in close collaboration with our clients to protect their interests, while creating and preserving the value and comfort of their properties.

We pride ourselves as being compassionate and listen carefully to your needs. We are great believers in transparent communication, with mybuilding.bg on your side you can rest assured we will be at your disposal.

Being part of the English-Irish myhome.bg Property Group association, mybuilding.bg is here to support the Property Owners in Bulgaria and offer the following major services:

  • Annual services - Looking after the complete block management and maintenance, reporting to the entire community of residents.
  • Optional services - Offering all our services separately for you to choose carefully and purchase only what you need.
  • Property services - Offering a complete range of property services and fully cater for your individual landlord’s needs.
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