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139 Vitosha Blvd
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1463 Sofia, Bulgaria

Building Management
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Monday- Friday
9.00am - 6.00pm
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Optional Services

It’s not necessary to engage an annual contract, as we offer all our services separately: you can choose carefully and purchase only what you need.                                                                          

1. Professional Building Manager - We can save your time for all the organizational and administrative obligations imposed by the Condominium Management legislation:

  • Preparation of an annual budget ensuring the needs of the building are met
  • Organization of General Meetings within the community of residents
  • Keeping an account of incomes and expenses
  • Keeping a full set of documentation: owner’s book, building rules and regulations for internal order
  • Registration of the condominium in the municipality
  • Representation before the administrative authorities
  • Collecting the fees from the owners approved by the General Assembly
  • Payment of all communal bills on a behalf of the community of owners, storage and classification of all billing documents
  • Regular building reports                  

2. Cleaning services - We offer professional cleaning in accordance with your needs:

  •  Scheduled cleaning of the common areas, windows and elevators
  •  Cleaning  surrounding green areas
  •  Clearing away the snow in winter time   

3. Maintenance services - With this service we strive to maintain the  properties in a first-class condition in order to keep the overall appeal and protect the property values of the community.

4. Maintenance of the surrounding green areas - We provide a full set of services related to gardening and landscaping.

5. Security - Security and video surveillance of the building, its entrances, the surrounding areas and garages.

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